Organ transplant

Issue statement :

A recipient can accept only transplanted organs compatible with his ABO blood group otherwise his ABO antibodies will kill the transplanted organ. The donor to recipient compatibility matrix is represented here below and is showing a great number of incompatibilities:

As a result of the limited donors-recipient compatibility matrix, there is currently a huge shortage of available organs for transplant. Blood group mismatch is a big issue and providing a product allowing to resolve that issue is utmost important for saving lives.

Existing Solutions

  • GlycoBAR partners are able to propose extra corporal devices that filter the recipient blood so that blood group antibodies are eliminated. After treatment the recipient’s blood is becoming compatible with a wider diversity of organs. GlycoBAR is supplying its blood group antigen sugars to companies willing to propose such a filtration solution. One partner company is already proposing such a filtration device

  • Alternatively, recipient’s plasma can be entirely changed (this implies full plasmapheresis, which is an expensive and cumbersome process) so that the new one is free of antibodies not compatible with the transplanted organ

GlycoBAR liquid solution

GlycoBAR can provide a fully injectable solution that can neutralize all the ABO blood group antibodies from the recipient’s plasma. The solution remains in the blood stream from several weeks so that the newly generated ABO antibodies are continuously neutralized. This is a very comfortable and significantly less costly solution, which provides full compatibility between donors and recipients.