March 2022:

GlycoBAR has identified new premises located in Domène, close to Grenoble France and will therefore move to it when retrofit will be completed and new equipment will be installed, probably at the end of 2023.

May 2021:

After a difficult Covid period where GlycoBAR activity has been severely slowed down, a new bright horizon is opening up: thanks to a grant from « France Relance » incentive  program from the French gouvernement, GlycoBAR will shortly launch a scale-up program

May 2019:

Once again, GlycoBAR is participating to the semi annuel Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting, which is held this year in Sicilia. This is a good time to meet with all the plasma business players.

January 2019:

GlycoBAR manufacturing organization successfully passed the ISO9001 certification audit.

August 2018:

GlycoBAR has signed an an agreement with Thermofisher which is now buying GlycoBAR ligands. The ligands are grafted on a Thermofisher resin which is used by a German pharma firm to remove isoagglutinins from a proprietary plasma derived product which will shortly go into clinical tests.

GlycoBAR production facility has been audited by Thermofisher which gave a A+ rating to this audit.

May 2017:

GlycoBAR will be attending the tenth Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting that will be held in Malta from May 15th, 2017 to May 18th, 2017, with a poster presentation called “Removal of Isoagglutinins at Large Scale using an Innovative & Patented Oligosaccharides Production Process

The poster can be downloaded from this link:

Novembre 2016:

GlycoBAR has received a special award from the European Commission called “Seal of excellence”. This award is recognizing the high potential of GlycoBAR technology in its targeted market.